Boylan Consulting Secures Approval for Soil Infill Site for Local Client

CLIENT: Timberun Limited (Reilly Plant Hire)

Date: Mar 2021

Quarry and soil site


Timberun Limited (Reilly Plant Hire) is a large plant-hire business based in Co. Meath . Established in 1979, the firm provides a range of services to building contractors in the region. Our client needed the help of an experienced environmental consultant to secure approval for a planned soil infill project.

Soil infill facilities are difficult to obtain due to stringent environmental standards, and can only be secured by receiving appropriate planning approval, firstly followed by waste facility permit approval.  Reilly Plant needed to have this permit in place before starting to import soil on a site in Co. Meath.

On completion, they would also require guidance on maintaining compliance with the facility permit, while ancillary services like noise and dust monitoring would also be required on an ongoing basis, as part of the facility conditions. To help meet their business and operational goals in the context of this project, Reilly Plant needed a highly experienced environmental advisor who could provide a complete solution to their needs. Taking into account our track record and knowledge of the waste sector, our team at Boylan Consulting was awarded the contract.

Our first task involved a project-scoping phase where we conducted a desk-top study to determine potential for local authority approval. We then undertook a comprehensive environmental assessment of the site to establish the level of impact this soil infill would have on the local environment.

A site survey was also completed and initial volume calculations were made. Our team had to determine the maximum possible volume of soil and stone that can be imported into the site. Throughout the various work phases, we remained in close contact with the planning authority on behalf of Reilly Plant, to ensure a smooth operation and one that would be positively viewed by the authority.  For our client, we also drafted planning and facility permit applications, and submitted these with all supporting documentation including all necessary drawings and reports.

Reilly Plant successfully received permit approval in June 2020 and was able to commence importation of soil later that year. Since this process began, we have been providing guidance to ensure ongoing compliance in line with the facility permit awarded. Other conditions attached to the permit include the monitoring of acceptable noise and dust levels which we also provide.

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