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Part A Structural Design Services for Dwellings

Unique, one-off houses can often present very specific engineering challenges. If you are planning to build a very special one-off house, or indeed you’re an architect working on such a home, you know that you need an experienced design engineer who can take full responsibility for Part A (structure) of the project.

For one-off residential homes, we can offer the full design, supervision, and completion service you need. At Boylan Consulting, we have many years’ experience working with award-winning architects from all over Ireland, combining our structural expertise with their design and vision.

Part A - Ancillary Design - How we can help you

Project Experience

Over the years, we have built up considerable expertise in the structural design of complex contemporary homes. From highly stylised features like wagon-wheel roofs to cantilevered structures, we’ve handled many complex projects

In House Expertise

We retain significant experience in-house, and our highly skilled engineers are dedicated to ensuring your property is designed according to all relevant legislation and regulations.


Our advanced structural analysis software tools, such as Tekla Structural Designer, Tedds, Portal frames and Tekla Structures ensure we are well equipped to meet your needs.

Our services – at a glance

Design – we can work with architects to optimise the design within the architectural brief. We work with 3D models, and provide final designs using ‘revit’ design.

Supervision – our team of civil engineers are dedicated to site inspections, ensuring constant supervision, fostering a proactive approach to both preventing and resolving site issues.

Completion – we provide prompt certification to Part A of the Building Regulations, backed up by professional indemnity insurance.

Ancillary Design

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Boylan Consulting combines the best people with the highest standards  to provide the engineering and environmental expertise you need

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