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Best-practice Certification for Commercial and Industrial Projects

Commercial and industrial construction projects demand very specific standards in professional certification. As a commercial developer, architect, or project manager, you know that the stakes are too high – and you need an experienced engineering certifier to ensure a faster and fully compliant project completion.

To meet your needs, our team at Boylan Consulting can take on the role of ‘Assigned Certifier’ for your projects, in line with the amended Building Regulations 2014. On your behalf, we can also assume the role of ‘Assigned Certifier’ for the Building Regulations where required. We can look after all aspects of the building or indeed specific parts of the build as required. Whether you’re working on a residential housing estate, industrial facility, or retail unit, we can provide the certification expertise you need.

Assigned Certifier Services - How we can help you

Experienced people

Nothing beats experience and our seasoned certifiers at Boylan Consulting have built up years of insight and knowledge in certifying projects from the straightforward to the highly complex.

Standards and compliance

Legislation can change and approaches can vary from one project to another. As your certifier, we focus 100% on standards and compliance, providing you with a certification solution you can depend on.

Project track record

With expertise across residential, commercial, and industrial, we have a proven track record in large-scale certification. No matter how challenging your project, we can provide the expertise you need..

Our assigned certifier services – at a glance

BCMS (Building control and management system) – we’ll set up your project on the BCMS system and lodge the commencement notice on your behalf.

Design review – we can review the designs and design-team submissions, to ensure all aspects of the building control regulations are addressed and complied with.

Inspections – our team of engineers will carry out inspections as required during the build, including liaising and coordinating with other design teams as well as dealing with building control staff.

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