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It is in all our interests to respect our natural environment.  EIAR (Environmental Impact Assessment Reporting) is designed to help identify and assess potential impacts from certain projects, on the surrounding environment.  If you hope to secure an EPA licence, waste licence or indeed are setting up any business which might have an environmental impact, you know that you will need to submit your own Environmental Impact Assessment Report in support of your application.

At Boylan Consulting, we can help you do this. We have many years experience in the co-ordination and preparation of EIARs (Environmental Impact Assessment Report). Thanks to our multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists, we are uniquely placed to determine the optimum role of design in terms of balancing environmental impact with sustainability.

EIAR Service - How we can help you


With our team of experienced scientists, we have an in-depth knowledge of how environmental issues interact with other.

Track record

We have worked with many SMEs and have delivered comprehensive EIAR documents for them, leading to successful planning and licence applications.


Our familiarity with the entire process ensures we know what each individual authority needs to see and we can ensure that you do your application justice.

Our EIAR services – at a glance

Project management and co-ordination – various aspects of the report from monitoring to licensing will require careful co-ordination. We can work seamlessly across all aspects to draw them all together and produce one final, co-ordinated piece.

Liaison with authorities and representation – where required, we can work directly with authorities on your behalf, liaising and querying issues as required.

EIAR Screening reports – in addition to preparation of full EIARs, we also regularly produce screening reports for sub-threshold projects.

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