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Fire Design and Certification with Boylan Consulting

For both compliance and safety reasons, fire certification for buildings has become more important as building owners and landlords become more aware of insurance, legal and safety issues. Fire can have a devastating impact in human and safety terms and as a property developer, you know you will be liable for any fire incident or planning delay – so this is a service that must be completed thoroughly and to precise standards.

Right from the start, you need a consulting engineer with a thorough understanding of all fire related legislation. Your engineer must have a full knowledge of EPA guidance, including all notes on Fire water retention designs. This level of expertise ensures they can carry out fire risk assessments, giving you the peace-of-mind you need. At Boylan Consulting, for over 20 years, we have worked with project teams and developers to ensure all buildings are certified to all required standards.

Fire Safety Services - How we can help you


For many years, we have been certifying commercial, industrial and residential units in fire safety and associated compliance.


Our highly skilled engineers are dedicated to ensuring your property is designed according to all relevant fire regulations. Our understanding of all legislation and EPA guidance guarantees an optimal service from an experienced team.

Driven by standards and compliance

Right across our suite of services, we are driven by a clear focus on high standards and meeting your compliance needs.

Our fire safety services – at a glance

Fire safety certificates – for your project, we will prepare and submit both fire safety certificate applications and revised fire safety certificate applications where required.

Certification – we carry out certification of building works to part B of the building regulations.

Fire water retention design – for industrial sites, we complete calculations for volumes, and our civil engineering team determines the optimum way to design fire-water storage solutions like tanks.

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