Multi-disciplinary Expertise in Fire Water Retention

For industrial facilities like waste companies or other EPA licensed sites, best-practice compliance is crucial as premises and activities are subject to regular checks and assessments. In this context, fire-water retention involves the provision of large storage facilities to contain contaminated fire water, and which may carry toxins harmful to the environment.

If you run a waste facility or similar industrial premises, you understand this requirement. You also know that a multi-disciplinary consultant can offer you all you need in terms of fire-water retention planning, design, and environmental expertise. At Boylan Consulting, our project teams have a mix of engineers and environmental scientists and can offer you a multi-faceted service.

Fire Water Retention Services - How we can help you


We prepare planning applications on numerous commercial projects, but in particular specialise in EPA-licensed sites and waste-related planning applications.

Design and structural engineering

Our engineering team has significant fire design expertise and can therefore determine the likely maximum intensity of a fire and the resulting fire water generated.


Our engineers, working together with our environmental scientists, ensure the final fire water design is not only correctly engineered but in compliance with the relevant EPA licence or waste permit.

Our fire water retention services – at a glance

Fire risk assessment – we will identify both areas of compliance and non-compliance, providing a clear report developed by our team of Fire Safety Consultants who have specific expertise in this area

Fire water retention volume assessment – we can calculate the likely volume needed to retain the water used to handle a fire event

Structural design of Fire water holding facility – our structural engineers can structurally design the required holding unit

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