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On occasion, and usually as a last resort, commercial issues relating to planning, engineering, and environmental compliance can end up in the courts. With the cost of legal fees and the hassle of court, you need an experienced subject-matter-expert to help fight your case efficiently and effectively.

At Boylan Consulting, we work with companies in complex industries like the waste industry, among many others, on several aspects of legal resolution. We provide engineering and environmental expertise as a service for legal purposes, including taking on the role of ‘Expert Witness’ and have experience in the District, Circuit and High Courts. Our services include, but are not limited to waste-related prosecutions, and we can also consult on boundary disputes and related cases.

Legal Services - How we can help you


With extensive experience across commercial, industrial, and residential projects, we have accumulated significant expertise and can apply this insight and knowledge to many complex planning and legislative scenarios.


Our team has experience in the District, Circuit, and High Courts, and is experienced in waste-related prosecutions, boundary disputes, and much more.

Specialist Knowledge

Not only do we have the experience and technical knowledge, we have also gained an understanding of all planning and regulatory issues and how they play out in a legal context.

Our legal services – at a glance

Assessment of alleged breach in regulations – our forensic engineers and environmental scientists conduct a detailed assessment of the subject case and liaise with the appointed legal defence in the development of the defence strategy.

Defence reports – having assessed the subject case, a detailed comprehensive report is prepared to help the defence of any case. Our reports conform to our quality system and presents complex and technical matters in a clear concise format. Depending on the case type, our reports can be supported by drawings, surveys, photographs, and soil or water analysis.

Expert witness – the role of expert witness is generally fulfilled by either the company director Cathal Boylan or the company general manager Brian Cooney – both of whom are very experienced and competent at giving evidence, and equally comfortable facing down cross examinations.

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