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Excellence in Environmental Monitoring

Owners and authorities in private or public facilities that exceed legal emissions can often pay a heavy price. If you own an EPA-licensed premises like a paint or building materials factory, or indeed are responsible for landfills, you know the importance of environmental monitoring.

By working with an experienced environmental consultant, you’ll have peace-of mind that all emission levels are as they should be. From biological sampling in rivers close-by, to noise-monitoring in urban areas, and everything in-between, we make sure you stay compliant. Where levels have become too high, we‘ll provide recommendations and strategies to help you adhere to all regulations – while still running your premises or facility to the most efficient standards possible.

Environmental Monitoring Services - How we can help you

Experienced professionals

Each and every one of our field monitoring team operatives is fully trained and delivers highly customised monitoring services in accordance with relevant standards.

Full suite of services

No matter what your monitoring needs, we’ll provide a comprehensive suite of environmental monitoring services, for water, air, noise, soil, and so much more.

High standards

From having the best people to our extensive range of specialist equipment, we have invested in our monitoring service to ensure we consistently deliver to the same high standards you have grown to expect from Boylan Consulting.

Our monitoring services – at a glance

Water – we can provide quality monitoring in areas including surface water, groundwater, and leachate sampling.

Noise and dust – from noise to dust and landfill gases, we’ll comprehensively monitor all aspects for you.

Soil contamination – industrial contaminants like TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons) can stay in the soil for many years and with the right plan we can direct site remediation work. Through WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria) analysis we can assess the appropriate facility for soil exploration.

Environmental monitoring equipment
Environmental monitoring

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Boylan Consulting combines the best people with the highest standards  to provide the engineering and environmental expertise you need

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