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Given their status and historical value, protected structures need a specialist level of expertise, compared with modern buildings. If you own a protected structure or castle, you know that it’s your responsibility to ensure all building standards are met  – and that both look-and-feel and structural integrity are retained.

To help you do this, you need an experienced structural engineer who understands the unique challenges you face. As you know, Protected Structures are deemed to be of ‘special interest’ by the relevant Planning Authority and are listed on the relevant local authorities’ Record of Protected Structures list (RPS). If your structure is formally listed as protected, the building is legally protected from harm and any changes to the structure are controlled.

At Boylan Consulting, we can help you navigate through these compliance issues from a structural engineering perspective, offering you an expert service from start to finish.

Protected Structures Services - How we can help you

Proven expertise

Working in tandem with your conservation architect, we understand technical issues including features like barrel arches, complex joisting and working with age-old materials like oak.

Experience and track record

Boylan Consulting has worked on some of the finest examples of protected structures in the country. From Georgian townhouses to 17th century castles all over Ireland, we have a solid track record in protected structures.

Qualified people

We take great pride in retaining in-house expertise in highly skilled areas of engineering like protected structures. And our engineers have a clear understanding on the limitations and design approach when undertaking renovation works.

Our protected structures services – at a glance

Pre-purchase inspections – we can inspect properties prior to purchase, determine the structural condition and recognise likely issues that may develop. We’ll then issue our findings in a comprehensive report.

Structural upgrading to existing structure – knowing the existing load-bearing capacity of any protected structure is crucial when designing any potential upgrading works. Our team of structural engineers are very experienced in this area. This insight ensures we are able to determine the load-bearing capacity of even the oldest of structures, from barrel arch roofs in basements to historic 17th / 18th Century roof trusses and all the floors and walls in between.

Design of temporary works – the restoration of any protected structure will most likely require some form of temporary works – all of which can be completed in-house in parallel with the main structural design. Both the main structural design and temporary work are co-ordinated ensuring one corresponds to the other.

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Protected castle

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